Do these challenges sound familiar?

Do you have:

  • Large volumes of content that need to be published online 
  • Plans to migrate content from an early generation website to a new and mobile friendly site
  • Large word and PDF libraries to convert for use on the web
  • A website that is not mobile enabled
  • A need to create an auditable record of what was said on your website on any given day

 SWIPE helps address all these challenges. Read on for how we can help your organisation.

What We Do

Swipe is the content conversion, migration and snapshotting specialist.  Our unique cloud based software is powered by a patented rules engine. Our aim is to be a global leader in providing fast, accurate and low cost services to convert any document, database and website into the latest web and mobile friendly formats. And with our new snapshot service, we enable organisations to maintain an auditable record of what was published on their website at any time.

Read on to learn more about our company background, expertise, partner and career opportunities.


Our Executive Team

SWIPE  offers three revolutionary cloud-based services.

Migrates content in early generation websites to modern and mobile friendly platforms.SWIPE Sites reduces the typical 6-12 month migration phase of web projects to days or weeks. SWIPE Sites does not require expensive technical resources, and connects to all major CMS platforms.
Converts large Word and PDF document libraries into web and mobile friendly HTML and XML format. This cloud-based service puts organisation knowledge bases online without tying up development teams.
Takes a daily picture of an organisation’s website, enabling mitigation of the risk of legal challenge by being able to replay what was published on their website on any given day.

Our Work

SWIPE works with public and private sector organisations around the world to help them manage their content – transforming content to be web and mobile ready, moving content from old to new platforms, and capturing an auditable record of their websites at whatever intervals make sense for their business.

A selection of our projects includes:

Legislation Publishing

The NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice administers the courts, tribunals, laws and justice programs of the State. The Department plays a key role in the administration and development of a just and equitable legal system.

The Caselaw system was set up in 1998 to publish and distribute decisions for over a dozen Courts and Tribunals. The original system was developed on Lotus Notes and involved a large number of different Lotus Notes flat file databases. The situation was complicated by the fact that decisions handed down by each Judge were authored in MS-Word and then transferred into the Lotus system.


Because Court Judgments immediately become part of Precedent and need to be referenced by lawyers in numerous countries, the Department needed a more efficient means of publishing its Judgments to the internet. Caselaw had grown unwieldy. It suffered from poor search, unwieldy formatting, dispersion of data across multiple databases, poor usability and complicated and unintuitive means to convert MS-Word documents to web format.


After looking at numerous technologies, AGD selected SWIPE Docs to convert large volumes of MS-Word documents to HTML and auto-populate a Content Management System for publishing to the web.

Working with a leading CMS implementation partner, the Swipezy team extended the SWIPE Docs rules engine to import complex Microsoft Word documents into, and exported them from, a structured database while maintaining format and data integrity.

After 6 months of development the new Caselaw system was accepted by the Department and went live in 2011. The end result was an attractive and highly usable publishing experience that allowed a wide range of non-technical users, including senior judges, to publish decisions from courts and tribunals across the State.

Word and PDF to Web

Department of Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) is the Australian Government agency responsible for social welfare policy.


With hundreds of thousands of legislation and policy documents sitting in desktop formats, this Agency was faced with a daunting challenge: How to get its information base of more than 20 years, onto the web, to better service its 30,000 users.

After rejecting complicated conversion tools and clumsy PDF solutions, the Agency settled on our rules engine-based SWIPE Docs service to get the job done.


Using its innovative SWIPE Docs technology we developed a transformation and publishing solution for FaHCSIA which allowed the mass import of large and complex desktop documents that related to the publishing of legislation. This included the legislation itself, comments on the legislation, policy guides and case law and other associated documents.

In just six months, SWIPE Docs transformed over 250,000 static Microsoft Word and PDF documents into a rich, fully cross-referenced dynamic website with over 600,000 pages.

This project was subsequently awarded the coveted 2007/8 iAward for Best Software in Government.

Content transformation and publishing

The Office of Public Sector information (OPSI) – operating from within the National Archivesis the British Government agency responsible for setting standards, delivering access and encouraging the re-use of public sector information in the United Kingdom. OPSI provides a wide range of services to the public, information industry, government and the wider public sector relating to finding, using, sharing and trading information.


With 118 years of historical legislation, from 1868 to 1986, sitting in printed book format, OPSI faced the problem of somehow getting over 70,000 pages of valuable historical information online and into an accessible form.


Using its innovative SWIPE Docs technology we developed a transformation and publishing solution for OPSI which involved the mass import of PDF documents in a range of formats and styles spanning the 118 years.

Leveraging a custom rule set, SWIPE Docs automatically analysed the structure of these documents and transformed them from static PDF formats into segmented content which was then stored in a relational database.  From here, the content was exported using a template that outputted valid XML according to the rules of a custom developed historical legislation schema.

All up, SWIPE Docs transformed 70,000 pages of scanned PDF documents into XML – meaning that OPSI was able to fulfil its mandate to provide this valuable information to the populace.



What Makes the SWIPE Rules Engine Special

SWIPE is designed to migrate and convert content from early gen. formats to modern web / mobile platforms and is available in 2 variations:

  • SWIPE Sites – which migrates content from early-generation websites to modern web platforms; and
  • SWIPE Docs – which migrates and converts Word, PDF and other textual formats to HTML.


  • Any web content
  • Any text – Word, PDF files
  • Images and multimedia

Applies Rules:

  • Converts / migrates content to HTML/XML very fast
  • Builds navigation, sitemap
  • Builds cross-references

Outputs to:

  • Popular CMS systems
  • Mobile format
  • Other standard formats